Meditation Instructions on the Internet

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation on the Breath (2 listings)
AudioDharma - Guided Meditation on the Breath
Gil Fronsdal.



10% Happier

On-line Courses

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation, with Gil Fronsdal and Ines Freedman
AudioDharma - Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Spirit Rock Meditation Center.Various on-line classes and webcasts.

Awakening Joy, with James Baraz

Foundations of Well-being, with Rick Hanson
The Foundations of Well-Being Online Course (

Working with Pain, with Ines Freedman  Select “Pain” under “Series talks” at left of screen.

Other Resources

How to Meditate FAQ

Dharma Wisdom 
Phillip Moffitt

Dharma Seed
Dharma talks by various teachers

Access to Insight
Readings in Theravada Buddhism